Customizing USB Flash Drives for ASI Distributors

Here's a heartfelt welcome, ASI distributors! We know there are scores of other USB flash drive companies to choose from so we thought we would save ya the hassle of trying to chase down the best one.

First, if you’re merely looking for “dirt cheap” products, you'd better get back to the good ol’ ASI website & search again. Custom Flash Gear's clients & kudos are a direct result of our conviction to premium quality USB flash drive gear. So while we may impress you with our competitive pricing, we’ll definitely inspire you with the quality & precision of the final product as well as our unbeatable service from start to completion.

we even offer flash drive duplication

Secondly, we’re not some company that one sunny day thought “Hey this USB flash drive business looks like it’s going skyward. Let’s get out of weaving bamboo baskets and go sell these new doohickies!” Fact is, we’ve been at this several years now, before most even knew what the heck a USB flash drive did much less how you become an expert at delivering only the world’s best!

We know you have lots of choices. And chances are, you’re in search of a company you can trust will make your client’s USB flash drive project sparkle, no doubt making you look like the hero to your client. We sure don’t want to toot our horn too loudly here and tell ya we’re the ONE for you, so we’ll just let our clients do the talking. Scattered throughout our site you'll find a taste of the kudos our wonderful clients regularly share with us about their USB flash drive experiences with our team.

Here’s a few tips as ya surf through our site…

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Why choose Custom Flash Gear?

We are a family owned, high level company obsessed with the quality of our products. Each project is approached like it was our own. We have a refreshing & articulate approach to doing business. That saves you both time & money while affording you a precisely engineered & promptly delivered promotional USB flash drive solution!

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"Thanks for your persistence and ingenuity. You have been a joy to work with!."

"... easy to work with... they stayed in contact throughout the process so there was never a “wondering” of what was happening."

"You guys have always gone above and beyond all expectations, even as we have raised the bar."

"Thank you very much for your prompt service."

"...the drives look fabulous. Thank you so much for working with us and providing a quality product at an affordable price."

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